Which homeopathic remedy does your cold or flu call for this year? And what’s astrology got to do with it?

I look forward to these blog-posts every year: Part I and Part II. They’re where one of my most trusted teachers, Dr. Paul Herscu, weighs in on the uniqueness of the season’s upper respiratory system infections (URIs). You know how every year colds and flus show up looking and feeling a little different? Have you noticed how they have a certain flavor or even aggressiveness each go-around? Perhaps you recall one year where you were out of work for days, while other times the impact was minimal. Some years the worst part was your congestion and headache while others it was your exhaustion and sore throat. Just as the flu vaccine is created each year to address the nature of the virus at hand, so too we see that different homeopathic remedies are best suited year-to-year to help expedite healing from URIs.

Paul’s observations have helped guide my clinical decision making with hundreds of clients and in caring for my own family. This year, his publication came out just as my partner and I came down with our second URI of the season. Through my icky cough and fatigue, I was so excited to read through what Paul had to share. I also referenced Morrison’s Desktop Guide To Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms and ultimately decided we both ought to take homeopathic Gelsemium. We took it at bedtime last Wednesday night and by Monday morning (yesterday), we both felt significantly better. As Paul discusses, we’re looking for Gelsemium to shorten the overall time we’re feeling unwell: “…it seems as though those taking Gelsemium feel pretty good in 4-5 days, versus the 9-12 days that others suffer.” My case study of two people certainly lined up with this!

If you, your kiddos or loved ones are struggling with URIs this season (who isn’t?), know that in addition to the soups, hydration, pharmaceutical support, herbal medicines, vitamins, TLC, Netflix binge-watching and naps – we have homeopathy! It’s highly individualized, safe and effective in folks of all ages. I do suggest consulting with an expert if homeopathy is new to you or if you’d like additional personalized guidance. Bringing in an energetic nudge with a homeopathic remedy can help you get more benefit out the other care you’re implementing – it’s like tuning in a fuzzy radio station… when we’re aligned, our vitality (inner healing force) can get us feeling strong again sooner.

A note for those who appreciate astrology: This Sunday, 01/12/2020, marks the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Consider listening to what Emily Trinkaus has to say about this powerful time of “transformation and rebirth”: Here’s a link to her choose-your-own-price class. What I’m feeling jazzed up about is that I’m seeing the mental and emotional components of the top URI homeopathic remedies lining up with what we’re personally and collectively working on from an astrological perspective. How cool is that?

Let me know if you have any comments or questions below. Oh, and for the record, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime is indeed marvelous!

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