A New Time

While we’re all hunkering down – 1. Because it’s chilly outside! and 2. Because of public health measures – there’s still a great deal that’s new or changing quickly. From politics and seasons to the moon phase: despite so much monotony for many, transformation is simmering.

More and more, I’ve been paying attention to the New and Full moons, and the quarter moons in between them. Our energy, like the brightness of the moon throughout the month, waxes and wanes. Honoring, working to understand and aligning with Nature’s cycles always feels like a wise endeavor. The wisdom of Seed Cycling (a method that uses oils and seeds in an alternating fashion through the month in conjunction with the moon’s phases) is central to re-establishing or maintaining hormone balance in menstruating folks. Exercise protocols are often tailored to honor the particular moon-time of the month, too. I suspect we’ll continue to uncover ways we can collaborate with Nature to achieve greater harmony and health in our bodies and communities.

We are currently in a New moon phase, it was official this past weekend. That means that it is a time for seed-planting. When the Full moon occurs in a few weeks, that time serves as manifestation and culmination of New moon intentions you make now. Taking it a step further, this New moon is in the sign of Scorpio, so your seed-planting and intentions may surround Scorpio themes: regeneration, metaphorical death and rebirth, digging deep into the subconscious/dark to resurrect something that has become stuck or frozen. In the body, elimination is highlighted during Scorpio season – physically letting go. Extra attention to body tissues surrounding the genitals may be indicated. Trauma-healing and tending to our roots – including looking at where our passions and desires are – are extra-supported over the next month in this Scorpio New moon cycle. My astrology insight comes primarily from Emily Trinkaus who I met in Portland, Oregon nearly a decade ago. She offers personal readings and bi-monthly group calls that dive into all kinds of astrology details; her work is fantastic and her Virgo-style makes my head spin in the best way!

Speaking of passions: If you’ve been with me here awhile, you know that one of mine is homeopathy. Beyond it being a powerful energetic medicine, it’s also, in my opinion, highly under-utilized. Therefore, my passion is not only in using this modality with those I get to work with personally, but also spreading basic knowledge about it’s existence to as many as I can. I’d love to see it be common household knowledge to ask which remedy state someone is in when they develop an infection – be it mild or severe – or any health issue – acute or chronic. Colleagues of mine in other medical disciplines have been critical of homeopathy in suggesting that people may avoid more intense intervention if they use homeopathic remedies. This is where having trained providers, like licensed naturopathic doctors, to monitor cases, refer when appropriate and always work collaboratively, is crucial. I see the potential homeopathy has to help relieve suffering being further realized in the new times that are coming. You being here and reading this article is part of this forward motion and I’m really glad to have you.

So , while you’re hunkered down, hopefully safe and sound, please take a moment to review my offerings. There are options for those near and far and all sessions are conducted over a HIPAA-compliant video platform. If you have any questions, drop them below or feel free to email me if they’re more personal (best address is book@drtiffanybloomingdale.com if there’s sensitive health information). You’ll see my “Current Exhibition” offering is for these odd times we find ourselves in; should you or someone you know/love fall ill, let’s go through 30 questions using Dr. Paul Herscu’s Clinical Prediction Tool and get a homeopathic remedy on board. There isn’t a cost for this – it’s in the gift and someone can pay what they choose, if anything. Dr. Herscu is a naturopathic doctor and has a master’s in public health. I’ve been studying with him and his wife, Amy Rothenberg, ND through the New England School of Homeopathy since 2016. You can read Dr. Hescu’s blog here for more context around the Clinical Prediction Tool. It’s what I’m leaning into for myself and my family and I would be honored to help you and yours.

Disclaimer (in the case this wasn’t already crystal clear!): Homeopathy is not a substitute for conventional medical intervention. It’s meant to complement, not replace, medical advice from your PCP or specialist. This blog post is meant to be educational and not serve as medical direction – I’m a doctor, but I’m not necessarily your doctor or naturopathic health advisor.

Please know that I’m sending love from Seattle, WA to you and yours. Take excellent care.

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