A Fresh Beginning

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you warm and well. Before I dive into some happenings below, I want to pause and acknowledge all that is happening in the world right now. My prayer is that we each center in our hearts such that we can best show up for one another in an ongoing fashion. We have unique roles to play in building an equitable and safe world for all.

I view radically reimagining health and care delivery as part of my mission:

  • Making space for one’s stories and inner knowing to come through in the context of past and present symptoms or diagnoses.
  • Supporting a shift from being at the mercy of health challenges to being in relationship with them.
  • Encouraging reconnection with the body and it’s vast potential to achieve balance.

I see delivering naturopathic, homeopathic, astrological and Chinese medicine perspectives as a first step in helping one rewrite their health narrative (if they choose to) and in charting an expanded way forward. Weaving these lineages has, and continues to be, central to my personal journey in terms of health and other areas of my life. It’s all connected and we’re all connected! That said, let’s take a look at what the cosmos and Nature are currently up to and consider how we can work with these energies.

Photo by Nadiia Ploshchenko on Unsplash

Astrological weather:

This Friday, March 18th, marks a full moon in the sign of Virgo. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days and influences our inner world – the emotional watery realm. Virgo represents purity: what stays and what goes? It asks us to tend to ourselves and our environments such that our connection with Source energy, God, Goddess, the Divine (you name it) is more clear. Sweep the porch, organize, simplify! Deciding what stays and what goes in the physical body is the job of the small intestines. Perhaps you want to sip some ginger or mint tea and stretch your front body this weekend – phone down, chin up!

The sun is still in Pisces until it shifts to Aries at the arrival of Spring on March 20th. The sun stays in a given sign for a whole month! Pisces is linked with our feet and lymphatics. Rest is of utmost importance during this time, especially in these final days of Pisces season known as the Balsamic phase. One might say this is the surrender-iest surrender time of the year!


Wintertime is linked with our kidney and bladder meridians (aka pathways of energy in our bodies). Fear, panic and anxiety are associated emotions with these meridians – which can cause us to tuck our tails like animals do. We can counter this by stretching our back bodies – cat and cow pose if you do yoga.

A practice for ThiS moment:

Notice your feet. Take a big inhale and exhale imagining your can send breath out of your feet – sending it into the earth below you.

Place one hand on your lower belly and one on your heart. Close your eyes and breathe. Allow any tension in your core to soften.

Now place your palms on your mid-to-low back – near your kidneys. Rub this area while imagining you can send breath there. Slowly rock your pelvis forward-backward, forward-backward.


I’ve opened my calendar for booking in Spring! If you have questions or concerns, you’re welcome to email me at tiffanybloomingdalend@gmail.com.

If you’re local, save the date for a 5K Mental Health walk/run on Sunday May 22nd to be held in Bellevue, WA – hosted by the Le Center. I’m on the planning committee and it’s going to be lovely.

That’s all for now – sending love and hugs,


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