The following are a sampling of handouts and videos Dr. Bloomingdale frequently uses with her clients and patients. Consult with your provider before implementing new practices to ensure they’re safe for you.

Nutrition for Supporting Mental Health & Stress Management:

Warming Socks:

Breast Self Massage – PHAST Technique:

Seed and Oil Cycling for handout for hormone support:

Pediatric Wellness – A handout to be discussed with your pediatrician:

Since 2008, Dr. Paul and the team at Integrative Pediatrics have been using the plan outlined [above]. Combining this vaccine plan with exclusive breastfeeding, eating a diet of real food, getting enough vitamin D, exercising, and avoiding toxins like acetaminophen, aspartame, and glyphosate, the children in his practice have experienced superior health, and a significantly lower rate of autism (0 in 1336) than the national average, which is 1 in 45. If you have autism in the family, a history of autoimmune disorders, or an MTHFR mutation: delay vaccines until at least age five, or never. Do discuss this with your provider and know the risks of not vaccinating.”

Tips for reducing exposure to toxins in your food, water and body care products:

The Environmental Working Group is a great non-profit out of Washington, DC which I reference for a variety of reasons! Here’s a few: 1. Annually, they produce a list of the top dozen foods that are most heavily laden with pesticides – so, it’s best to buy these “Dirty Dozen” produce items organic. Additionally, they list the “Clean 15” list to tell us what’s more safe to buy conventional, or non-organic. 2. They have a useful guide for comparing water filtration systems. You can also type in your zip code for a report on your local water quality. 3. Their Skin Deep initiative allows you to assess the toxicity of your personal care products. The next time you run out of something, consider checking in here first to be sure it’s worth restocking over if a pivot to something new is warranted! 4. Sunscreen! Get the latest information about what’s safest here.