Energetic Movement

There’s a lot of wisdom packed into what may seem like a simple stretch. Meridian Yoga Technique (MYT) combines principles of Chinese medicine and yoga to support shifting pain and symptoms in the body. In MYT, yoga poses and acupressure points are used to address the unique story that your body, emotions and mind are telling us. Perhaps it’s help with the immune system, mid-back tension, over-thinking or depression – a personalized energetic movement prescription is possible!

Breath and attention are harnessed for fortifying the whole system – body, mind and spirit. Furthermore, when combined with a constitutional homeopathic remedy and tailored naturopathic care, the benefits of MYT can be even more pronounced. MYT is accessible for all bodies regardless of perceived flexibility or fitness.

Hurt comes from the hurt who do not feel (themselves), and violence and abuse comes from stored up survival stress (anger) that never got a chance to let go and release with safety and containment. – Irene Lyon

This stretch is opening the heart and small intestine meridians.
Picture taken by Thomas Vo

Take a look at these YouTube videos for a glimpse into this medicine:

A 2-miute clip with tips for moving grief and anger through the body. This was part of the IM4SU virtual conference in 2020.
A 60-minute full-body session from my brilliant teachers – it’s like dental floss for your fascia!