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Washington-state residents:

Dr. Bloomingdale practices exclusively at Le Center for Health offering both in-person and virtual options for care. While Le Center has an integrative mental health focus, Dr. Bloomingdale also can support a wide range of family medicine concerns. Comprehensive naturopathic and stand-alone homeopathic appointments are available.

(425) 800-6187

Not a resident of Washington-state?

Dr. Bloomingdale serves as a naturopathic health consultant (not as a naturopathic doctor) to honor licensure and insurance regulations if you reside outside of Washington. Maintaining local medical care will always be necessary and your work with her is meant to complement that. This will be further outlined in consent forms. Three consultation options are outlined below.

The Current Exhibition Consult

Homeopathic Consult with Dr. Herscu’s Clinical Prediction Tool (30-minute Phone Call and 15-minute Follow-Up 1 week later) This offering applies only to folks with active symptoms of COVID-19 who have been evaluated by their PCP. Perhaps they’ve been advised to quarantine, rest and wait. This tool offers a complement to conventional care and the outcome of this session may point towards the need for a more comprehensive homeopathic analysis (this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and fee can apply towards more involved consult).

Investment: $65 (Adult or Child – Single Session with Follow-Up included).

The Blank Canvas Consult

Constitutional Homeopathic Intake (90-minute Video Call). This session is best for you if you have nutrition, supplements and lifestyle factors dialed in – perhaps you even already have a naturopathic doctor on board – but, you haven’t had constitutional homeopathy as part of your care yet. You may be doing a lot of healthy habits, but there are still symptoms you need support with. Homeopathy can help you get greater benefit from the wellness practices you already have in place and shift deep-seated patterns. This session is also best for you if you feel as though there’s a strong mental and emotional component to your physical health challenges. Meridian Yoga Technique support will be incorporated.

Investment: $195 (Adult – Initial Session) | $145 (Child – Initial Session). Follow-Up Rate $95/hour (Adult) | $75/hour (Child).

The Masterpiece Consult

Naturopathic & Constitutional Homeopathic Intake (90-minute Video Call). This is Dr. Bloomingdale’s signature and most comprehensive option. This session will provide you with recommendations in terms of supplements, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle practices as well as a review of laboratory records – in addition to constitutional homeopathic care. Meridian Yoga Technique support will be incorporated.

Investment: $295 (Adult- Initial Session) | $245 (Child – Initial Session). Follow-Up Rate $150/hour (Adult) and $125/hour (Child).


Professional grade natural medicine products including herbal tinctures, supplements and homeopathic remedies are available for purchase at Dr. Bloomingdale’s virtual dispensary account with FullScript.



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The following feedback was compiled from some of Dr. Bloomingdale’s work with patients at Richmond Natural Medicine:

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that the outcome of a health matter depends on its unique circumstances. Dr. Tiffany Bloomingdale cannot predict or guarantee a particular result in a future matter based on her successful results in past matters.

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