Values of Care

Your inner healer rules the roost.

I am here to support, guide and empower, but you hold the power when it comes to your healing. Subconsciously, you may have historically relinquished some of your authority to healthcare providers, statistics and paradigms (I know I’ve done this!) and created an energy drain. I’m committed to re-patterning this dynamic. There’s healing potential in reclaiming power and authority.

I value naming social determinants of health.

Part of “first, do no harm” means standing up against and transforming systemic injustices. It is violent to blame an individual or community for a collective abuse of power that needs to be uprooted and healed.

I will care for you as I would my own family.

I’ll be honest when I do not know something or if I need to research something further. I’ll always prioritize your safety and be available to answer all of your questions.

I support people – not diseases, conditions or diagnoses.

No cookbook protocols here! I may support five people with migraines in five different ways due to the variance in their constitutions and medical histories.

I value using timeless tools.

Science hasn’t caught up to the “why” behind a lot of energetic medicine. I value clinical evidence and traditional knowledge alongside scientific literature. My work is evidence-informed and opposed to solely evidence-based.

I value the cycles, rhythms and mystery of Nature around and within us.

This shows up in so many ways. Here are some ways I’ve applied it clinically: Different times of the month for a menstruating person often necessitates different care recommendations. Central to my care plans are practices that encourage realigning with natural sleep and wake cycles; we cannot supplement-away inadequate rest. Death – a highly charged and often avoided discussion in our society – is not an enemy to be avoided at all costs and profound healing can happen as someone is dying.


Medicine, like our world today, can easily become overwhelming and complex. I will always strive to slow down, actively listen to you and examine your current state as a whole. Together we’ll curate an action plan that’s strategic and doable.